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To see how I have helped clients in the past as a Psychotherapist in Chelsea, please take a look through the testimonials below.

"I really wanted to say I deeply love her as she is an angel from heaven ....
Billie Buckley has been my therapist for the last 15 years . In that time I have seen Billie on a regular basis when life has become very challenging and less often when life is running smoothly.
She is very good at her job and Billie really does care what you have to say. She is calm in her approach and as sharp as a button ... she remembers things I have forgotten . When I have struggled in life she really did offer great support and wisdom and I'm very grateful she is still in my life.
The sessions last 50 mins and you sit in a lovely room in her Chelsea practice .It is so peaceful and safe . I trust her and can confide in her without judgment. It is clear she has a wide range of experience. I am blessed to have Billies "mind tools " etched in my brain and these are what make me who I am today.
Good luck and enjoy your time with the lovely Billie."

"I first came to Billie when I was experiencing massive upheaval in my life due to relocation and a break up. Although it was sometimes a difficult path un-picking the experiences and influences that had shaped me until that point and which had contributed to my unhappiness and confusion, I found a supportive, kind and perceptive helping hand with Billie.
She has helped me to achieve a level of self-awareness and understanding that have allowed me to navigate my life since with courage, consciousness and clarity. I am eternally grateful for the wisdom and support she has offered me and have regularly recommended her services to other people seeking help and insight to improve their quality of life. A huge part of my present sense of strength, confidence and happiness are due to her generous and thoughtful care."

"Working with Billie has impacted my life positively in innumerable ways. She is warm, caring, and incredibly insightful, and I have learned so much from our sessions that I consider them invaluable. She offers her guidance and support while simultaneously encouraging growth and awareness that comes from within. Using her wisdom and expertise, Billie gives generously many insights and life tools that facilitate profound lifelong change. She helps to connect issues from the past to the present and skilfully sheds light on unconscious patterns of behaviour that once discovered, unearth the potential for lasting peace and transformation. She also has a wonderful sense of humour, and I often leave our sessions feeling cheered, inspired, and encouraged. Billie is a rare gem, and I feel so grateful to have found her."